How to start a business at 20?

Many young people in Tajikistan are thinking about whether it is realistic to create their own business, without having the capital and experience of business vision. Many questions arise…. On the example of young girls, which we will talk about further, it is clear that with a strong desire, you can start from scratch and […]

A unique service of the PO “Zamonat”

PO “Zamonat” is the only local organization for issuing guarantees on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan, which promotes the development of employment among women, youth, people with disabilities and returning migrants. A guarantee is issued to the specified categories of persons with limited access to collateral when obtaining bank loans for opening or […]

Consulting of PO “Zamonat”

Consulting of PO “Zamonat” PO “Zamonat” continues to provide consulting services for startups from among young people, students, as well as those who graduated from a university, but has a desire to get new practical knowledge. An institute of volunteering has been created at the NGO “Zamonat”. Consultations and training are held free of charge […]

Development of the institute of volunteering in PO “Zamonat”

Development of the institute of volunteering in PO “Zamonat” In the days of the Soviet Union, there was a system of personnel distribution, which the older generation still remember with warmth. Young specialists were prepared for internship in the specialty in which they studied, as well as further employment from the state. But unfortunately, it […]

Конкурс среди студентов

Общественная организация « Замонат» объявляет конкурс среди  студентов  последних курсов ВУЗ-ов и молодых специалистов только окончивших ВУЗы, на привлечение волонтеров. Отобранные кандидаты пройдут обучение и практику в сфере предпринимательства и консалтинга.  Просим заинтересованных студентов и молодых специалистов  скачать анкету на сайте ОО «Замонат» в разделе «Документы» и заполненную форму направить по  адресу По итогам анкетирования  отобранные  лица будут приглашены […]