How to start a business at 20?

Many young people in Tajikistan are thinking about whether it is realistic to create their own business, without having the capital and experience of business vision. Many questions arise…. On the example of young girls, which we will talk about further, it is clear that with a strong desire, you can start from scratch and create your own business.

Great success is a huge experience, and a huge experience is thousands of mistakes on your way, one of the founders of the Lamassito company, Murodova Marzia, quotes the words of Robert Kiyosaki. Young girls Murodova Marzia and Miralizoda Simo,  who are currently no more than 21 years old, are the founders of the Lamassito confectionery company. Today, they have a workshop where they conduct culinary courses not only for girls, but also for children. Workplaces have been created, they have 3 employees who help with orders. Thanks to cooperation with PA “Zamonat”, young girls took part in trainings, received free consultations and with the assistance of PA “Zamonat” received a Tajikstandart certificate, which allows them to put their products for sale, setting the shelf life in accordance with the requirements and standards of the Republic of Tajikistan.

They promote their business through social media such as telegram, facebook and instagram. Their audience is over 11.5 thousand people. How did they manage to achieve all this in their early years? Perhaps some will think that they are lucky, others will say that they received some help, but the reality is this.

In 2018, Marzia and Simo met each other at TNU, where they both study the World Economy. Both girls had a dream to open their own business, but they couldn’t do it alone. Combining the knowledge gained at the university and other courses, they decided to open a pastry shop under their own brand Lamassito.

In the beginning, due to lack of resources, they conducted their courses at home. Their greatest support was and is their family, who, despite the difficulties, always helped them morally. Then, having saved up money, they were already able to rent premises and buy the necessary equipment. Of course, this path was not easy. While their peers were wasting their time, they worked day and night, pondering what and where to improve. Of course, they are not going to stop there and will strive to be the best in their line of business.

We wish good luck to the young girls, and we will follow the development of their business.