How to get a guarantee of the public association “Zamonat”.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to create or develop your business, but for this you do not have enough collateral, we can help you and act as a guarantor of the part of the loan for which you do not have enough collateral. To do this, you can contact the banks LLC MDO “Finca” and Bank “Arvand”,  partners of the PO “Zamonat”, which will provide you with information about our product.

Standard product:

* Sureties are issued for all types of loans, except mortgage and consumer loans;

* The commission for services is 2 % of the amount of the issued guarantee;

*  The commission is charged on a one-time basis, paid by the client before the payment of the guarantee;

* The amount of the guarantee is not more than 30% of the loan amount.

If you decide to get our guarantee, you come to the bank and apply for a loan. A bank employee evaluates you, studies your credit history, evaluates your collateral. In case of a lack of collateral, the bank’s employees will help fill out the necessary documents and submit them for consideration by the evaluation commission of the PO “Zamonat”.

The Commission, after reviewing all the documents, issues its conclusions, in case the client complies with the conditions of the PO “Zamonat”, the client receives approval to obtain a guarantee, in order to obtain a loan in the amount necessary for the development or creation of his business.

The activities of the PO “Zamonat” are specifically aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses in the regions of the country with limited access to loans, which, in turn, can contribute to the development of the business climate and economic recovery in Tajikistan.


Contacts of partner banks:

Arvand Bank

Central Bank: “Sadbarg”, 10 Rudaki Ave., Dushanbe

Arvand Bank CJSC Branch, 17 Aini str., Dushanbe

Central Bank of N.Karabaeva 22, Dushanbe

Arvand Bank CJSC Branch, 61/1 Firdavsi str., Dushanbe

CBO “Sino”, R.Sino, 44 B.Gafurov str. , Dushanbe

Branch of CJSC Bank “Arvand”, I.Somoni Avenue 1 “A”, Khujand

CBO 19 mkr, R.Khodzhiev Avenue , Khujand


MDO “Finca”

Head office, St.J.Rasulova 9, Dushanbe

Branches of LLC MDO “Finca” in Khatlon region


Contacts of the PO “Zamonat”



Facebook: Zamonat Tj

Phone: 487034370