Within the framework of the Economic Advanced program, OSI Tajikistan implemented a project to support start-up entrepreneurship from 2013 to 2017. The program began the spin-off process, and started the registered of the Public Organization “Zamonat “ in April 2019, whose mission is to carry out activities for the development of entrepreneurship through the provision of guarantees loans aimed at creating and developing entrepreneurial activities involving youth, women and other vulnerable populations.

Today, this organization is the only representative of civil society in Tajikistan, which works as a guarantor for loans to the most vulnerable and marginalized groups of the population who do not have collateral and therefore do not have access to finance. Thus, the organization has a social nature of the business integration activities.

OSI Tajikistan piloted idea on loan guarantee during three years via Economic advanced program. The program has allowed the Foundation to provide soft loans (with affordable interest rates and a grace period up to 6 months) to 294 startups, including for returned migrants, youth, women, and people with disabilities.