Consulting of PO “Zamonat”

Consulting of PO “Zamonat”

PO “Zamonat” continues to provide consulting services for startups from among young people, students, as well as those who graduated from a university, but has a desire to get new practical knowledge. An institute of volunteering has been created at the NGO “Zamonat”. Consultations and training are held free of charge at the office of the PO “Zamonat”. Because of the pandemic, the number of participants is limited. New selection of participants is scheduled for mid-September, on a competitive basis.

Another mini training on how to develop a business plan and develop an idea to the level of their own income-generating business, was carried out by Nilufar Karimova. Young people received information about the essence of a startup, what problems exist in the implementation of the idea, how to enter the market and provide their goods and services.

Young girls turned to PO “Zamonat” to receive advice on creating a startup, taking into account that the business did not require large financial investments. Since girls are the second year students, business must be conducted in parallel with their studies at the university, not to the detriment of obtaining higher education. Thanks to the program for the provision of free consulting services, implemented by the PO “Zamonat”, Marziya and Simo underwent trainings “What is a startup?”, “How to start a business from scratch.” The full course for entrepreneurs will be held in September, in which the girls will take part.

Having analyzed several types of activities together with the trainer N. Karimova girls came to the conclusion that the most optimal option

 for them today is- conducting baking master classes. It should be noted that they have extensive experience in making various confectionery

 European and Asian cuisine. This direction of business does not require large expenses, as well as renting premises. A cost estimate was developed, according to the name of the confectionery, and all the costs of electricity and other related costs.

According to the received knowledge Marziya and Simo conducted a backing course for 6 young girls, 5 types of pastries were presented. Girls, after completing the courses of the PO “Zamonat” from September to December, with the help of trainers, intend to expand the business with the involvement of more than 10 girls, and they also have many ideas for the implementation of which capital (investment) is required, as well as new partners. According to the girls, they are not going to stop and have a great desire to create their own business under a personal brand, and it is gratifying that today our girls put high goals and strive for their achievement.